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Greg Perry


Greg Perry considers himself a living miracle. The youngest of six, Greg grew up in South-Central, Los Angeles living life in the fast lane. One day, he came to a turning point and surrendered to God. He is blessed beyond his wildest imagination. Greg knew to truly succeed in life he had to help others and be a outstanding person, husband, and father. Greg has been blessed with a wonderful wife and seven beautiful healthy children.

He became an overnight superstar in real estate and self made millionaire. Through Greg's lifelong experience of joys and pain, success and failures, he has discovered how to play the game of life and win. Mr. Perry has developed the Lifestyles of Success Series, which is your road map for success. Greg is on a mission to change the world, make a difference, and teach others that they have the power within. In this series Greg will teach you how to change your life, become successful and achieve true wealth in every aspect of your life.

Motivational Speaker,
Life Coach,
Marketing Specialist,
Success Trainer,

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